1- and 2-day Arshan area tour

Please visit the tour page at our new website: 1-Day tour to Arshan (Tunka valley)

2-day Arshan area tour

Arshan is a Buryat mineral springs resort. It is a great place to see great montains of Tunka valley, walk by waterfalls and try tasty and delicious Buryat posi (big dumplings with meat cooked on steam). Great destination all year around.

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Day 1. Start from Nerpa Backpackers Hostel at 9 a.m. Drive to   Arshan by picturesque road. Stop at Baikal lake view point for great photos and hot-smoked omul, local speciality fish. Visit of Sun Observatory with the vibe of X-Files. Arrival to Arshan around 12 a.m. Check-in at guesthouse, walk to mineral springs and waterfalls. Walk to Buddhist temple and 500-year old pine tree. Dinner at cafe with posi. Free time in the evening. Banya (Russian sauna) upon request (costs extra).

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Day 2. Breakfast (not included). Check-out from the guesthouse, drive to Zhemchug (The Gem) village, place with hot springs bath. You can enjoy and relax youself in hot mineral bath with beautiful mountain views. Drive back to Irkutsk.

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Price per person:
1 person – 11000 rubles
2 people – 6000 rubles
3-4 people – 5000 rubles

We also can do this program in one day, it will cost per person:
1 person – 8500 rubles
2 people – 4500 rubles
3-4 people – 3500 rubles

Prices include all services in the itinerary:
Private car or van transportation with the driver, 1 night accommodation, local guide-interpreter services.

Your food and entrance fee for national park (50 rub for waterfalls, 200 rub for hot springs) is paid extra.

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