Extra services

Transportation services:
Airport pickup (for car) – 500 RUB
Train station pickup (by walk) – FREE
Train station pickup (by car) – 200 RUB
Bus Ulan-Ude – Ulan-Bator – 1100 RUB
Olkhon Island transfer (right from the hostel, per person) – 750 RUB
Listvyanka transfer (right from the hostel, per person) – 250 RUB

Hostel services:
Train tickets booking (per ticket) – 100 RUB
Visa Registration (per passport) – 400 RUB
Microbar local beer – 50 RUB
Microbar cola – 40 RUB
Lockers – FREE (100 RUB deposit will be returned after use)
Luggage Storage – FREE

Please keep in mind that we do not take responsibility for your stuff! If you have something precious, use lockers.

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